This Year…

The program this year has surpassed our own expectations and we still have over a month to go. Greyegg McKenna, who has become the master and commander of this mission, has really put the hat on and rode out with this “convergence”. He has helped pick up where Sam and I left off last year, but with a newer and fresher outlook. Samson Contompasis, over the past year and a half, has established himself as a Gallery owner (The Market Place Gallery) and has been extremely busy planning events and promoting artist in Albany . He has brought in Artist from all over the globe and is continuing with that daily. I see this as a build up for the show here in NYC.

The three of us have been spread all over this great state looking for Artist such as yourself to help expand the greatness. We three have no doubt in our mind that this event is not only going to be great, wonderful, amazing and all that jazz; but, we believe that is going to push the Art community into a whole new realm. The energy that all three of us bring mixed with all the fresh Ideas of the Artist that are piling in to the show really gets me amped. I sit back and think so that I can write these blogs and the freshness of it all amazes me.

Although we three are the Leaders of this Art Army, we are never going to be able to do it without all the amazing Artist out there. We do not want this to be another type of art fair, or vending space; we want this to be a total converging state of creativity. A moment in the history of all our lives where we came together to make a difference for others and ourselves. A gathering of people with total different ideas that are able to mesh them together and create GREATNESS.  

DO NOT hesitate to contact Greyegg, Sam, or myself (Gabby) with any questions or Ideas…

Always think about how we can make this world a better place through ART and we will never have to worry about failure… the word is a non-existent negativity that is only held by those that have no faith in themselves… We are the only thing that can hold us back.. and holding back just ain’t what were about.. lets ROCK THIS STATE!!!!

Gabby @ (704)787-3888

Greyegg McKenna @ (201)282-1600                                                                                

Samson Contompasis @ (971) 207-8937                          


About convergencenyc

August 27-29 68 Lexington Ave NY, NY An Art Benefit To rent a space Contact Gabby @ (704)787-3888 Greyegg @ (201)282-1600
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One Response to This Year…

  1. felicidades desde españa… os deseo lo mejor para convergence de este año. mauri

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