The Market Place Gallery Presents…

Located in Albany’s Industrial South end, The Marketplace Gallery has become Albany’s premier contemporary arts venue.  The Marketplace Gallery showcases visual and performance artists from the Capital Region, NYC and beyond.  It has an artistic mission with a social goal: bring art to the people.

Established after the first Convergence show in March of last year, Artist from all over the country have blessed the walls of the Contompasis Brother’s gallery.

Bringing Art of Epic Proportions has been the goal of Samson and a goal, that with every show, has been accomplished repeatedly.  Even with other venues he has expanded his Ideas of how he can create Art that people of all back grounds can enjoy.

In all of the 29 years I have been on this planet, I have neer met any one so motivated about the Art world. He oozes art out of his pores.

If any one is interested in learning more about The Market Place Gallery and its events you can contact Samson at
(971) 207-8937

About convergencenyc

August 27-29 68 Lexington Ave NY, NY An Art Benefit To rent a space Contact Gabby @ (704)787-3888 Greyegg @ (201)282-1600
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