Ladies and Gents, It is right around the corner. We are closed for the season. For the sales season that is. The doors will open on Aug. 27th for the viewing season. We have really over done ourselves this year. We have 4 times the artist, and the Artist are going to Blow your mind; visually and spiritually. Along with the people who are on the flyer here is an additional list of others who are going to be with the Market Place Gallery crew. Some are on the flyer. But this should clear up any others that are not.

Sam Bassett
Deacon Czar
Alex Contompasis
Dwell OneUnit
Scott Micheal Ackerman
The Phantom street artist
Chris Reynolds
Matthew VanAlstine
Laura Meyers
Austin Gamsjager
Gregory Maxwell Dunn II
Just Seeds Collective

and more tba…….

I apologize to those who did not make it in the show, but there is another one coming sooner than later. Their will be more info on that after this show. But as for now, this show is what is happening.

We really had a huge response and Greyegg and I are super grateful. It’s amazing to me how much Art can really bring people together and we all need the energy that is about to be created in this space. History is in the making and all these people are a part of it.

We are still taking donations and anything will help. We will start building on Aug. 24th if anyone out there wants to help. If there are any artist out there that have any questions or concerns please call or email me. I will lead you in the right direction.



About convergencenyc

August 27-29 68 Lexington Ave NY, NY An Art Benefit To rent a space Contact Gabby @ (704)787-3888 Greyegg @ (201)282-1600
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